Promotable first preview

One of my goals for 2016 is to build two apps for the Shopify App Store. Work is well underway for the first of those, a marketing pop-up application called Promotable (short for Promotable).

Promotable allows the store owner to display marketing messages to visitors. Currently it supports three different goals (display announcement, collect email and click link) with fours different styles (welcome bar, modal pop-up, page takeover and slider).

The first version will have limited targeting options so that I can get it into the hands of real users as soon as possible. Development will then continue to add new targeting options. Other features that are a possibility include:

  • Product recommendation engine
  • Support for giveaways/sweepstakes
  • Support multiple marketing messages at the same time

Want a sneak peak?

Here’s what the four styles currently look like. Remember that this is an early preview so they may change before the final release.

Welcome Bar

IntelliOffers welcome bar preview

Modal Pop-up

IntelliOffers modal pop-up preview

Page Takeover

IntelliOffers page takeover preview


IntelliOffers slider preview

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